The Coolers
“Simply” & “Dead” 1987

This group is led by Mark Krischak, the man behind The Lifesavors before Mike Knott took over. The vinyl is square and transparent, so tell your colored and unusual-looking vinyl-collecting friends…

”…very cool, very underground… the Coolers deliver some honest straight-forward rock N roll.”
- Risen Rock (White Noise)

“…great post-punk, garage tunes.”
- Different Drummer

“…at the end all the bands members go into a drooling laugh which…tends to confuse the listener…”
- The Burning Bush

“Two songs…Both are garagey pop-punk that are enjoyable as momentos.”
- MaximumRockNRoll

“The Music is tough, progressive…this two song single will be a collector’s item.”
- Rizzen Roxx

Clear 7 inch flexi-disc underground garage punk rock—2 songs from the 10,000 Bands release

Mark Krischak & Friends
Vol One--Early Recordings 1988

Various garage pop bands.

"Some of Mark's earliest bands including The Louvre, Labor of Love, Vacation in  Heaven, and of course The Lifesavors. This and Vol 2 are an excellent  introduction to the myriad bands and tapes Mark Krischak has taken part in. If you like old Icehouse, David Bowie or Flock of Seagulls, you'll love this tape.”
- Different Drummer

“…cool melodies and catchy choruses are found in abundance on this tape. Some of the songs are live and others are bootlegs of rare material for fans of Mark’s talents. A classic!”
- The Mag!

Download w/CD sleeve image $4

The Lifesavors
Us Kids 1981

Re-release of the classic LP! This is where it all started!

“Long before many Christians had ever heard about punk and hardcore, Mark Krischak, Chris Wimber, Kevin Annis and Mike Knott had made a record that you could put with your Ramones records without any diffidence.  Strong against the grain vocals connected with even stronger against the grain guitars in irresistable songs...”
- Music and Art

“Us Kids is a classic CCM  release from the days of (very early) alternative Christian music, the time of  such acts as The Lifters, Weber and the Buzztones, Andy McCarrol and Moral  Support and some no-names like the 77s, The Altar Boys, Undercover, and Youth  Choir. Krischak provides the lead on vocals and guitar, while he penned most of the numbers. Chris Wimber, of the Vineyard Wimbers, is also a real presence here providing bass and other guitars. There is a heavy British punk influence here...”
- The Underground

Download w/original artwork and lyric sheet $5

Labor of Love
Message to the Bands
4 Song Demo

New wave pop 1983

This 1983 recording has Mark Krischak and Kirk Heiner doing thirteen songs of pop with new wave influences.

“The original LP is a real odd and hard-to-find collectible item. Its sound is timeless, its message still vital!”

Download w/original artwork and lyric sheet

6 Song Demo 1985?
Euro pop rock

Done in the studio, this has a Euro pop/rock sound. Another classic band led by Mark Krischak!

“Pure pop for adventurous ears. Essential listening.”
- The Cutting Edge

“This is a band that would ease you into the alternative scene rather than drop you.  Their music is not a compromise to any certain style at all but simply a blend of their own chirpy guitar music. Louvre would appeal to a culturally wide range of listening ears. They've got a good, lively variation of pace, with a bright rhythm section and stilling background keyboards. It's a clean, melodic sound which at times still comes home with that rough, raw edge.”
- Spamm

Download w/extra demo “Mighty Soul” $4


The Lifesavors
Garage pop punk

This six-song tape is the Lifesavors' first demo which was recorded live in a church in Downey, CA. There is some raw energy here!

“...a truly melodious collection of grunty punk ensembles. Tight, fast and unlike the arrant ramblings of the 1977 punk explosion, these guys are just as hard-edged  about their spiritual beliefs as their music. The Lifesavors are a group the likes of which the Buzzcocks would be proud of as they successfully blend good old rock 'n' roll with a cheap fuzzbox. Great! A good, raw meat tape anyway.”
- Spamm

“While the recording of this concert is rough, it undeniably captures  Christian music at a very formative time.”
- The Underground

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Christian Image
We Cast Out the Devil 1990
Harsh Dutch goth rock

“Psychedelic, modern dance gloom rock in the vein of Joy division, Bauhaus, Laurie Anderson and England’s Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus. Swirls of moody, thick synths, balanced by controlled guitar, all undergirded by metalized violin.

The vocals, adequate and eerie, kinda echo over the music, creating a listening experience not unlike the best of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar excursions or the musical ideas that slash out from Captain Beefheart’s best work on “Trout Mask,” “Decals,” and “Doc at the Radar Station.” Also close to the sound from “Monstor” by No Laughing Matter.

Some tip of the hat to industrial doodling can be found here. Lyrically evangelistic. A sonic blast taking you to the fringes of Christian experimentation."
- The Cutting Edge

Download w/CD sleeve $3

Mark Krischak & Friends

Vol Two 1994
Various garage punk rock bands, 15 songs

Volume One was more of a pop compilation,  whereas this one contains some of Mark's roughest and gnarliest projects (hence  the title).

Bands included are: Red Christmas, The Coolers, 7,000 Chinese Girls Punks, The Lifesavors, The Unopened Present and The Pearl.

These are mid-80s underground bands; the recordings are DIY so don't expect CD quality!

Download w/CD sleeve $4

The Coolers

10,000 Bands 1985?
Garage punk 12 songs.

A very clean-sounding demo which was recorded at a home in Yorba Linda. CA.

Everyone who is interested in the infancy of alternative Christian music should have a copy of this, more than a classic!

Download w/CD sleeve $5

The Pearl
Love Forever 1986
Pop-rock, 12 songs.

This has Mark Krischak written all over it. Some of the same musicians that were in the The Coolers are here but it's much more of a subdued project.  This is Mark's last project before he left for the Orient.

“;The Pearl is rough  around the edges, raw, and definitely an underground classic!!”

Download w/CD sleeve $3


New Society
Endless Frontier 1994
Techno-Industrial, 20 songs!

A compilation of some of this underground band's best work.

Tracks taken from releases as far back as 1987, including A Taste of Black, So Red a Revelation, True Faith, Eternity, Election Fact 1C, Children of the Beast and In Focus.

Everything from hard industrial to avant garde to techno can be found here.

Download w/CD sleeve $4


Seeds of Liberation

Interview w/Mark Krischak 1989

Guaranteed to give some in the industry a little whiplash. Bad attitude? Jaded?  Bitter? Or victim? You decide. Definitely not a company man.

Download $2.50







Children of Power
Innocence, 1991

Reviewed by Tony Cummings

In 1991 this album, originally released on a humble cassette, was a hugely impressive demonstration that a Christian band could handle the scything guitar patterns, high pitched bass lines and hypnotically dirge-like vocals of goth rock. For those in the Church longing for the sound of the Sisters Of Mercy and Fields Of The Nephilim, Darren "Daz" Smith from Swindon, Danny Jewson from Cornwall and Matthew James from Aldershot were a revelation. Despite having only four days in the studio and working with a producer (Brooke Trickett) who normally worked on low budget MOR worship albums, 'Innocence' was a credible stab at creating the dark, intense textures of goth. In many ways a pioneering release which Florida's Key Records have now rescued from obscurity. Those interested in Christian rock history should investigate.

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